I am Kyoka,

I am the unique girl from the island.


I wonder why rainbow had seven different colors,

I wonder why do I like colors, color pink,


I hear the voices from the fish in the tanks,

I hear the voices from my heart,


I see people,

I see ghost, but not often,


I want to be tougher and smarter,

I want to be a teacher for the little kids,


I am Kyoka,

I am the unique girl from the Island.


I pretend to be like someone, sometimes,

I pretend to be Kyoka,


I feel the warmth of the kindness,

I feel the icy heart,


I touch the flower,

I touch my hair,


I worry if I look strange in the clothes,

I worry everything,


I cry often,

I cry when my heart break in tiny pieces,


I am Kyoka,

I am the unique girl from the Island

I am from s skinny jeans, tank-tops, baggy t-shirt, and jacket with cute little hoody everywhere,

From many sizes of literature, on the huge square brown desk and in the nice tall bookshelves,

From a square comfy sun covered with light pinky cloth,

From a lot of picture I took, keychain as gifts from my friends, and postcards grandmas gave me, all the things are on the cork book,

I am from home- colorful and enjoyable.


I am from “Mew,” tiny cats are always relaxing nearby smelly garbage cans,

From where birds are chatting with squeaky low voices, and singing their songs in the deep jungles,

From tall buildings are standing straight up like skinny asparagus

From where dancing koi live in the lakes, they are fighting for food with the poor black swans. Just crazy as you!

I am from Huafa- noisy zoo and mysterious jungles like Amazon.


I am from nearby Hong Kong and Macau,

From place by this not-really-clean and beautiful looking ocean. The tea colored ocean,

From the underground is a door to go to a cute little foreign country- Macau,

I am from Zhuhai- an international and a fun City.


I am from a place where sells cheap foods, delicious tropical fruits are sold everyday.

From the longest history in the world,

From the noisiest country ever,

I am from China- the tropical and huge country.


I am from Japan.

I am just Japanese.

They made beautiful sushi,

They made awesome sweets,

Everyone likes taking photos,

Everyone likes their phone to text their friends,

I am from Japan- I am the yummy islands.


I am seventeen,

In the way to become an adult,

Become independent from parents,

Finding ways how to live my life.

Not easy at all,

But I will, someday soon.