August 6th in 1945

Kyoka Seki

Reading  II

September 4, 2010

Ms. Wheeler

Ray Bradbury Project

August 6th in 1945, all human beings must remember what happened on this day, forever and ever. This day is when the first atomic bomb had been released at Hiroshima, Japan by the United States. It is the most terrible bomb in the world so far.  I hate talking about “the World War II” and “atomic bomb” because it hurts my feeling every time the word comes up. 

Some houre said, “It was a nightmare,” and I agree. I do not know exactly because World War II ended a long time ago, but I know what happened and what it looked like.  I had studied about World War II and the atomic bomb since I was in first grade. Every August 6th, students in my school go to school and talk about is even it is the middle of summer vacation.  Maybe it was because I lived close to Hiroshima, or it was because we go on a school trip to Hiroshima. Whatever the reason was, I had to go to school every August 6th and watch movies about World War II. When I was little, I hated watching, and they made me sick.

My grandparents have told me it was America’s fault that they bombed and destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I have my own opinion, it was not only America’s fault, but it was also Japan’s fault. I think Japan is to blame the most because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor without warning.

Wars destroy human senses. People become heartless devils who hide under humans’ skins.  I hope this will not happen again.




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Kyoka Seki 
Writing VI Writing II 
September 1, 2010 
Mrs. Wheeler 

                 One fine sunny spring day in 1993, when the cherry blossom bloomed all over the city, I was born in a tiny hospital in Fukushima, Japan. I lived there until I was three years old, just before my fourth birthday. I lived in Oita, Japan until I moved to Zhuhai, China in 2008. I live with my dad, mom and one younger brother, Hidehiro. Hide has been my little brother since I was six years old. We have had countless amounts of fights, the causes are always quite stupid, such as who knows Pokémon better, and who will eat my cookies. However, we are really getting along with each other now. 
              I am named Kyoka, the daughter of Hiroyuki and Yukie Seki. My parents named me “Kyoka”, because they want me to be an elegant, clever, and international Japanese girl. When I was still a little girl, I did not love my name because no one had the same name and I always wanted to be “not unique.” I went to kindergarten for two years, but I did not like it at all because they always made fun of my name and my “tallness”. Mom tried to make me feel better by saying, “Your friends are just envious of your tallness and your pretty name, Kyoka.” Then, I had nice friends and teachers in my elementary school, and I really liked my seventh and eighth grade years in Japan. I made a lot of best friends. I am now attending an international school called QSI: Quality Schools International. I did not like coming to this school the very first time I arrived, because I had no choice choosing friends. Because our school was quite small, there are not many students around my age. However, I have been going out with many nice people. They are from all over the world: Japan, the United States, Spain, India, South Korea, Denmark and so on. I cried when Dad told me all of my family has to come to China with him because I wanted to stay in Japan and wanted to go to high school there, but since I made tons of sweet friends, moving here was the best decision I had. 
              “Kyoka” means everything. In my world, I am the queen who can control all. Sometimes, I become very selfish and cannot think about anything besides myself, especially, when I do not feel good or upset about something. For example, I have listened to music so loud in the night that everyone could blame me. According to my mom, I am the kind of person who feelings in my face, which is not really a good thing because normal teenagers can control themselves and they probably know how to be socially acceptable. I did not like myself either until I found out that being a special person is not a bad thing, and I have a cool unique name. Once, I felt awful about my life because there were always walls in front of me, the big and thick ones, but I am here because of them and I do not hate my life anymore. Things happened to me because I need be stronger, much tougher and wiser. Before, I would complain about everything, but these disasters were meant to happen to me, so that I like my life and I could think about these troubles in many different ways. My world had changed in plenty of different ways since the day I stopped wining about everything. 
              In the future, I want to go to college in the United States and to study more about English consequently, English is part of my life now. I want to have a child when I get married, but I do not think I want to have more than one child because my life was full of peaceful moments until Hide was born. I used to be a brilliant child and my parents were proud of me, but since the day Hide got wicked, I became wicked and more selfish. I want to marry someone who can understand me when I am about 25 years old, I would not care about his age if we love each other. I want to have one husband because getting divorced is just too painful. Mine have not divorced, but my best cousin’s did and I could not help him. He used to laugh a lot and we made fun of each other, however, since the day his mom left him, he stopped smiling and I feel sorry for him. I hope I do not have to life a long time. In my earlier plan, my funeral is going to be before I turn 50 years old. However, sometimes I think this idea is ridiculous, because I do not want see my wrinkled face. 


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