I am Kyoka,

I am the unique girl from the island.


I wonder why rainbow had seven different colors,

I wonder why do I like colors, color pink,


I hear the voices from the fish in the tanks,

I hear the voices from my heart,


I see people,

I see ghost, but not often,


I want to be tougher and smarter,

I want to be a teacher for the little kids,


I am Kyoka,

I am the unique girl from the Island.


I pretend to be like someone, sometimes,

I pretend to be Kyoka,


I feel the warmth of the kindness,

I feel the icy heart,


I touch the flower,

I touch my hair,


I worry if I look strange in the clothes,

I worry everything,


I cry often,

I cry when my heart break in tiny pieces,


I am Kyoka,

I am the unique girl from the Island

I am from s skinny jeans, tank-tops, baggy t-shirt, and jacket with cute little hoody everywhere,

From many sizes of literature, on the huge square brown desk and in the nice tall bookshelves,

From a square comfy sun covered with light pinky cloth,

From a lot of picture I took, keychain as gifts from my friends, and postcards grandmas gave me, all the things are on the cork book,

I am from home- colorful and enjoyable.


I am from “Mew,” tiny cats are always relaxing nearby smelly garbage cans,

From where birds are chatting with squeaky low voices, and singing their songs in the deep jungles,

From tall buildings are standing straight up like skinny asparagus

From where dancing koi live in the lakes, they are fighting for food with the poor black swans. Just crazy as you!

I am from Huafa- noisy zoo and mysterious jungles like Amazon.


I am from nearby Hong Kong and Macau,

From place by this not-really-clean and beautiful looking ocean. The tea colored ocean,

From the underground is a door to go to a cute little foreign country- Macau,

I am from Zhuhai- an international and a fun City.


I am from a place where sells cheap foods, delicious tropical fruits are sold everyday.

From the longest history in the world,

From the noisiest country ever,

I am from China- the tropical and huge country.


I am from Japan.

I am just Japanese.

They made beautiful sushi,

They made awesome sweets,

Everyone likes taking photos,

Everyone likes their phone to text their friends,

I am from Japan- I am the yummy islands.


I am seventeen,

In the way to become an adult,

Become independent from parents,

Finding ways how to live my life.

Not easy at all,

But I will, someday soon.




Kyoka Seki

Narrative Writing- Failure

September 26, 2010

Ms. Wheeler

Writing II

Secondary IV


“Kyoka, don’t worry. You did a great job!” The word echoed in my head for an uncountable long moment. I did not want to listen. I did not want hear this from anyone. I wanted someone to comfort me. I just ran off the stage. Tears came from my eyes suddenly like waterfalls.

Many people have told me that I have perfect piano fingers; long and skinny- and, then they ask me how many years am I have been playing piano. I started taking piano lessons when I was just six years old. People seem really surprise and applaud that I have actually been playing piano for over ten years. I should feel really proud, however, instead of feeling delighted, I feel really ashamed when I felt people about this because I am not a good pianist at all.

First of all, I did not like my piano teacher. She was not a mean and harsh teacher. I did like her as a person. I did not like her as a piano teacher because she favored people. She especially favored my classmate who practiced a lot and had a great aptitude for playing piano. The huge difference between her and me was; she plays piano fascinating and I played piano okay. Even when I practiced hard, she was always above the clouds.

“Who wants to show us your talent?” Mr. Farwell uttered loudly in the cafeteria just before our lunch recess, passing the green paper with information on it. I am not going to do this. After a week since Mr. Farwell had announced students, almost no of us were signed on the paper on the corkboard out by the cafeteria. He sighed aloud when he saw the paper that nobody signed. I am sorry, Mr. Farwell. If I could, I will do it but I really don’t want to do this. I hated to be in front of people. I was not proud of my English and I was extremely shy. I did not have guts to vote myself to go in front of people. After a few days, my mind changed 180 degrees. I have no idea how, but I signed my name. My friends were really surprised, and Mr. Lang and Miss. Joanie cheered me on. I felt as if; I can do something cool!

I practiced really hard. I had not played piano for about a year at that time. I practiced everyday, every night, whenever I had time to practice. I practiced two pieces, “L’adieu” by Burgmuller, and “Canon (Pachelbel)” by J.Pachelbel. I practiced the piece “L’adien” with my piano teacher before I left Japan and I practiced “Cannon” by myself. I picked up these pieces because I liked them and I thought these were easy for me, because I had already practiced them before.

On the day of the talent show, it was a sunny but not a hot day. I was really anxious. The rehearsal went on excellent! I hoped the show was going to be just like this, however, only a miserably sad ending awaited me.

I ran from the stage. My tears were already in the corner of my eyes. People clapped for my awful piano performance because it was nice to do even though I didn’t play wonderfully. I could not accept this, I did not deserve this. There was my favorite teacher, Mr. Lang, standing in front of me.

“Kyoka, you did great job.” I just started crying like a small baby and he hugged me. Some of my friends’ mom also told me I did a good job. When I got home, again, I just ran to my room upstairs and cried the whole night. It was such a long night.

“Who wants to sign up and show us your talent this year?” Mr. Farwell had announced in the music room soon after our secondary class finished. Again…?! Ugh, I am NOT going to do this again. I don’t want to be ashamed like last year! Nevertheless, I signed up. This time, someone encouraged me, Miss. Joanie and Mrs. Richards who was our music teacher and my piano teacher after school.

Mrs. Richards changed my spirit for the piano. She was and still is a great pianist.

One day, after her music class, she called me and said, “Do you still play piano?”

“Not anymore,” I answered petulantly, “I have been looking for my new piano teacher, but I can’t find a good teacher who speaks English, at least because… you know, I don’t speak Chinese, yet.”

“Well, then you’ve already found one. If you want to take lessons with me, let’s do it!” Since that day, she became my piano teacher.

She heartens me, and practiced piano with me every Friday after school. This encourages me and I felt like I can make it this time!

I practiced and practiced two piano pieces over and over, “Piano sonatina C major” and a Mexican duet. Nathan, Mrs. Richards’ son, declared,“I want to play the duet with you.”

I whined, “I can’t do this! I am going to mess up like I did last year!” Even though, I was so negative, he told me “Believe in yourself. Just think about the success!”

The claps filled the cafeteria that night. It was the happiest moment in my entire whole life. The failure changed my life 180 degrees. People actually can changed the failure to the brilliant successful moment!!