August 6th in 1945

Kyoka Seki

Reading  II

September 4, 2010

Ms. Wheeler

Ray Bradbury Project

August 6th in 1945, all human beings must remember what happened on this day, forever and ever. This day is when the first atomic bomb had been released at Hiroshima, Japan by the United States. It is the most terrible bomb in the world so far.  I hate talking about “the World War II” and “atomic bomb” because it hurts my feeling every time the word comes up. 

Some houre said, “It was a nightmare,” and I agree. I do not know exactly because World War II ended a long time ago, but I know what happened and what it looked like.  I had studied about World War II and the atomic bomb since I was in first grade. Every August 6th, students in my school go to school and talk about is even it is the middle of summer vacation.  Maybe it was because I lived close to Hiroshima, or it was because we go on a school trip to Hiroshima. Whatever the reason was, I had to go to school every August 6th and watch movies about World War II. When I was little, I hated watching, and they made me sick.

My grandparents have told me it was America’s fault that they bombed and destroyed Hiroshima and Nagasaki. I have my own opinion, it was not only America’s fault, but it was also Japan’s fault. I think Japan is to blame the most because Japan attacked Pearl Harbor without warning.

Wars destroy human senses. People become heartless devils who hide under humans’ skins.  I hope this will not happen again.




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